The come back

Thrifted top, Vongga printed harem pants, Parisian bag, Penshoppe necklace, So fab yellow heels, Downtown jewelry. 

Pheww!!! It’s been so so long you guys, I definitely did miss blogging…

As far as I could remember the last time I blogged was June and I took a wholesome break from blogging then on. I thought of the time that I promised to update as frequently but obviously it wasn’t the case. As soon the classes started I became ultra lazy though I didn’t have as much time as I expected especially that I’m already on my 3rd year in college, God everything’s pilling out! With those extra time for me to be on my laptop, I’d rather allure myself looking at the blog post of my favorite bloggers, that was my routine before I go to sleep up until now. Yeah, I always thought of doing a blog post but I really couldn’t, not until now that it’s already semestral break, man! I have the time in the world. Since, I have one month more to go before classes goes on, I decided to do a blog post with no regards. On that span of time that I missed blogging, a lot of things have changed actually, a lot happened, I became a lot sociable and I met friends that I would never thought I’d be friends with. Yes people do change, unfortunately I was one of them. Anywho! life goes on but I’m glad I’m back. This ensemble was something out of nowhere, I really just wanted to update that’s all.

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School is chic

It’s been long again, and time to time, I always get that slight break update but yeah, I’m pretty busy for school. Not to mention my full load schedule, very tiring! and by the time I get home, I usually go straight to bed and not be able to check the net. I decided to post this Outfit of the day to update obviously. I filmed this video a long time ago and totally forgot to upload it. It’s my typical school outfit, very simple, casual, breezy, no hassle but still looking stylish at least. Sometimes, I never get dressed up when I go to school because for one, I like to to feel comfortable for once and two, I need to dress up according to my University’s rules which always been a never ending disappointment and I obviously have no choice but to follow, be covered-up. I hope you like this video, I have been working on my editing skills though. If you have some sort of request for me to do a video on, just feel free to message me here or on my YouTube channel.

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