It’s been long again, and time to time, I always get that slight break update but yeah, I’m pretty busy for school. Not to mention my full load schedule, very tiring! and by the time I get home, I usually go straight to bed and not be able to check the net. I decided to post this Outfit of the day to update obviously. I filmed this video a long time ago and totally forgot to upload it. It’s my typical school outfit, very simple, casual, breezy, no hassle but still looking stylish at least. Sometimes, I never get dressed up when I go to school because for one, I like to to feel comfortable for once and two, I need to dress up according to my University’s rules which always been a never ending disappointment and I obviously have no choice but to follow, be covered-up. I hope you like this video, I have been working on my editing skills though. If you have some sort of request for me to do a video on, just feel free to message me here or on my YouTube channel.

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