Kate spade top, Levi’s shorts, DIY clutch, Sm dept. store and downtown accessories, Parisian shoes.

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I’m probably the least to hop on the floral print trend. I mean, I love trends but I’m not really the best in obeying things on pronto. It usually takes time for me to follow or try trends but at least I can manage to try it on my own time. It was good enough that I found something useful in my mom’s closet and gladly, when I saw something floral, my hands where like magnets to it. I always had a habit of scanning through my mom’s closet and when I find something functional, I don’t necessarily ask permission, it will just end up in my closet. I tried to experiment it with another floral and man! it didn’t end up as I expected. So, I decided to pair it with white shorts and it was just PERFECT. Plus, adding some chrome, using the DIY clutch I did by myself, from recycled aluminum plates, totally trendy!

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