Pretty girl fashion shirt and shorts, Vintage bag, So fab oxfords, SM bracelets, Downtown rings

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When I see red, blue, white, and stars into one, I can immediately visualize America’s flag. So why not make a theme out of it! Oh the land of the free!! ughm ughm… sorry 🙂 I utilized the American flag printed shirt as my focal point and I basically just styled everything that goes to the theme. You see, you can still look stylish and unique without looking too overdone when you wanna achieve casual chic in a right kind of way. Try incorporating colors as statements or making color as your main focal point then you can just tone everything down. If you feel a little bit more jazzed up, take pieces from your focal point and take risk like what I did. I clashed three prints with no regards, because sometimes when you collide three prints all together, can be too overwhelming. My trick is sticking up to the theme and to the colors, so that you’d achieve an Americana stylista!

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