Maple sheer shirt, July skirt, SM belt, Parkmall white satchel, Centropelle pumps

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Well, hello there! How’s your summer been ladies? I just went through so much fun stuff on wards and so far, I haven’t had a day or two wherein I’m stuck all day at home doing nothing. It’s either I’am at my friends house or at my seamstress’ doing my recycled dress which anyways was quite a success, although I didn’t took home any place at least I had fun dealing with the experience and helping mother earth too. Let me address my congratulations to Paco who won 1st place, Alex who surprisingly took 2nd place, and my bestie Steff who took third place. At the moment I’am busy, keeping myself busy, I know it sounds weird but these last couple of days I was trying to keep up with my friends and just took the time to be wild while everything’s free. That is probably most of the reasons why I barely do an update and I was just too lazy to be honest. I always have the manner of letting go of everything when I’m doing so much fun but I always ought to find my way back to my laptop.

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