Old navy sweater, Korean brand pink jeans, Maze satchel, So fab boots.

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Steff knew that I was begging for the tiger shirt…

Still keeping up with the last remaining days of school, so I decided to have my last wash day of the school year taken. In a quick glance of my closet, my eyes were on my sweater section, because I was though expecting a rainy day. So, yeah, I went for a warmer get up with boots and all of that jazz, and actually it was hell a humid day! I was steaming inside like no other, but I’m getting used to this cycle, always been. Anywho! my friends and I were taking our vacant time taking random shots in school, thanks to my two old playmates Exur and Steff for being a helping hand with the styling and especially with the intense heat. Not to mention the black floral statement necklace that I wore was Exur’s because I was in my school get up, sort of simpler than what I usually wear, just to make some additional jazz for this look.