Vintage ann taylor blazer, Maple sheer dress, Parisian clutch and lace-up wedges

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I’m still trying to get over finals week, yeah, but then no worries because one week more to go and I’m done. For the weekend, I decided to be on the brighter and bolder hues, well, I guess… will try to use this trend over the whole summer. My mind is still hovering for neon, when I shop, my eyes tend to attract for that still and boy it has a mind on it’s own. Sometimes when you collide two neon colors, it can be a little too flashy or annoying that is if you go overboard but I prefer incorporating a little black or a hint of neutral to break off the brightness. This sheer fringed peachy dress, is my starting point in addition to my summer wardrobe. I can use it alone in the beach and put on my bathing suit underneath it and for a more wearable approach, I can put on shorts and some outerwear for some cover-up then I’m summer ready!