This was during the Quattordecism show last Monday that literally ment to be our last blast fashion show this year. I was quite bombed up when Sir pewee, one of our professors in FD which is also a well known designer here in Cebu, said that the concept was color blocking and prints, then again, SO SICK OF IT!!! Honestly, felt like I just wanna throw up, can’t we have any other concepts other than colors and prints? I was expecting some subtleness… but what was given should be followed, so I decided to just work around with the concept and ended up with one color and one print that’s it. The outcome was classic, I wanted to achieve something that wasn’t just flat, so I worked with some texture a bit using pleats. With little time of preparations, I wasn’t able to fit the dress with the model and I have already suspected the dress to be a little small for my model. So then, minutes before the show and my model was about to wear the dress, my suspection was true, it just won’t fit! Seriously, I had no other choice but to cut some part to fit it and the show was about to start, darn it! With a little bit of safety pins and creativity, it fitted finally!

To fill up the mood again, after the show I just ate, heavy duty! I wanted to forgot about my diet for once, so we went straight to Shakeys with my friends and ate…