Heritage pleated blouse, WAGW collar necklace, Vintage shorts, Parisian python clutch, Centropelle cream pumps

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I was yet conscious with this ensemble because I felt I showed too much skin and I’m not really used of a sleeveless and a shorts combo. I tend to lean towards more cover ups, because I’m not really that confident to show my skin to be honest. I was trying to break my boundaries as much as possible and I wanted each piece of the clothing stand on it’s own. I tried to highlight the details because sometimes you won’t be able to notice the details if you cover up too much. I recently just celebrated my 19th birthday last Friday, and I wanted to thank my friends for celebrating the night with me. Turning 19 is a bit frightening for me because I’m almost done with my teenage years, and honestly if I were to wish, I wanted to stay 18 forever… How time goes by so fast, that I just want to pause it, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!