SM dept. store graphic shirt, Gitti cardigan, Tuke red acid washed jeans, Vintage clutch, So fab boots.

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As time goes by, I began to identify my own personal style that leans towards edginess. I pretty much tried preppy, feminine, laid back, boho chic, but my heart totally belongs to edgy chic. Sometimes, I can be very versatile with my style, but when I get bored with it, I tend to incorporate some quirkiness every now and then. So this pretty much defines my style by now, some statement pants, graphic shirt, cardigan, and some boots to complete the edgy chic appeal. I’ve been very busy this past couple of weeks, so I apologize… School sometimes can very hectic, and my time everyday is super duper full, that’s why when I get home after school, I go straight to bed. I don’t even bother opening my laptop when I’m really tired because my hands won’t let go after I start to open the internet and my feeling of exhaustion fades when my laptop is around, that’s why I prefer not to.

 XOXO Miki