Maple polka dotted chiffon blouse, SM dept. store sequined shorts, Parisian bag and lace-up wedges.

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Have as much circle in New Year’s Eve as you can it’s for luck.

Amazing Pyro techniques in our neighborhood.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! It’s finally 2012, whew! how time goes by thinking that yesterday was still October. Seriously! I felt like 2011 for me was too short and I had so many regrets on that year that kept piling up. I wasn’t exactly satisfied of how that year turned out for me, a lot of bad decisions, a lot of bad karma and so many ugly experiences that I didn’t expect at all but midst of all that I will not also forget some cherished moments that also happened in that same year. Opportunities opened for me, well, I’ve progressed a lot of course and hopefully those moments will be more open to me this 2012. Since I had so many unfinished businesses happened last year, therefore I shall continue it and definitely develop it more. Before I forget let me share to you my New year’s resolution.

That I will not be late anymore, well at least try not to be so late 

 I usually do that a lot in school and in a particular event that made me realize the significance of time, so fingers crossed! New year’s eve has always been fun, I haven’t experienced a bad one yet, hope not. Of course we had the traditional Media Noche, a lot circle for luck including what I wore, and Fireworks!! It’s been in my family’s tradition having Fireworks to complete the celebration of New Year. Since my family is super superstitious, I wore polka dots on New year’s Eve for pampa buenas with some sequined shorts that I got a long time ago. Enjoy more 2012 as you’ve enjoyed 2011, tell me your New Year’s resolutions in the comment box bellow.