SM department store gold sweater and black skinny jeans, Parisian clutch, So fab Creepers

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I’am certified obsessed with metallics… I just can’t get enough of the trend, and mind you it is everywhere now, from the bargain stores, bazaars, up to the higher end brands and stores, now if you have a problem with retail therapy like me, the hardest thing to do is to refuse to buy, especially now that all stores are on the year end sales!! I just can’t get enough… I recently just bought these gold sweater that I found at SM department store and it was just my luck that it was 30 percent off and my mom was with me, I got it for free!!! On the same day I got to snug these creepers that I was eyeing in So fab for the longest time, I was just patiently waiting it to be on sale and my waiting is so worth it, you won’t believe how I got it like a steal!! Although I really wanted the ones from Primadonna and unfortunately they were out of it on my size, darn it! Anyways I’m back on my old background, since my cousin who usually is my trustworthy photographer for my photos is still on vacation, so for now I’m going back with my fenced background, no choice. I can really tell the difference of the quality of my photos if I’m just using self timer, it’s a lot grainy, not unless someone is taking a photo, it’s a lot high def like also the reason why I deleted my last post because I wasn’t satisfied of how the photos turned out, I was just frustrated so I deleted it.