In college, since we don’t have Christmas party, my friends and I decided to have our own small dinner Christmas party!

Thank you exur for giving me a new satchel to play on.

Pak! pak! pak! Patay lahat ng eyeshadow!

Steff’s present to Diane! a bag full of clothes, I wanted one of the clothes Steff picked for Diane. D yung lace na polo akin nalang!

Steff and I were making fun of Diane’s new shoes, ang hindi masyado mahilig sa sapatos nagpumps lang nman, nabastos kami ni steff!

I love dessert factory’s aura, it seems that I always feel hungry every time I visit, even though I’m trying not to eat for my dieting, still I end up eating something sweet or carbs hehe

Visit Dessert Factory at the Ayala Terraces Cebu City

I didn’t ate all of this of course!! I’m trying to eat one burger that’s it!

Feel ko lang talaga ang moment hahahahaha

The funny and the fierce

I was happy that Grey really liked what I gave her, she really wanted a floral dress but at this time of the year, it is but hard to find a beautiful floral dress in the middle of the sequined, golden, silver themed clothes along the boutiques and malls. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grant her wishlist but I was satisfied enough that she liked my alternative pattern, her favorite polka dots but I wasn’t able to took a photo of her holding the dress of my excitement of her reaction. That striped one was the second one I gave her that she also loved.

The family lacking one Exur, he ran off for a debut party that was a floor nearer to the restaurant where we at but nevertheless the party must go on.

Natchu lang ang pagreretouch noh!

Last Saturday was a blast with my friends, we had a last minute get together because we all think that it was our only time to celebrate Christmas together as friends and we had our exchanging of gifts that was the fun part during that little get together. It is important to get in touch with your loved ones especially when you are still together that includes my dearest friends. I can’t imagine it’s been a year with them and I hope it will further last in the coming years.