Kate spade silver shirt, United colors of benetton white shorts, Bag by exur, So fab booties, Aizilym jewelries

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Hello I’m back!! Finally! it’s Christmas vacation, so therefore no classes!! For the holidays I’ve been craving for something shiny and when it’s Christmas season sequins, gold, and silver are always on trend but this time, it’s all about the chrome. Luckily, when I was bargain shopping at Parkmall, I saw this platinum, silver top or whatever you wanna call it that immediately reminded me of Christmas, and since it is a simple shirt, you can always dress it up or down depending on the occasion you are going. It’s also something that you can wear all year long, versatility! don’t buy something that you can just wear once but find something functional and fashionable as well and something you can wear at all circumstances.

and Oh! one more thing, a big thank you to Exur for my new satchel, that I got during our exchanging of gifts with my friends. It was a blast being with you guys last night.