What a beautiful day! taken at SRP.

Blame this during the traffic, it’s under construction for a new mall in SRP.

First stop, Parkmall! I accompanied my mom to buy some Christmas presents, and I’am not exempted, okay!

Second stop, S&R! of course to buy some heavy duty food!

Sorry I can’t help it! I know it’s bad but for this, I can’t deal with my diet for once. For a slice of humongous cheese pizza for only 99 pesos and fries for only 45 pesos only available at S&R.

 Unlimited drinks!!!!!!!!!

Last stop, SM! taking a last minute shopping spree with mom.

My camera has been my buddy ever since it came, I’m taking it wherever I think there’s something interesting to take some random shots, sort of a tour with me through photos. I’m also trying to experiment on my photography skills, so watch out for more photos!!