After all the preparations and excitement…

Make-up by me

The upper half of my design and my model Janine

I went nuts seeing Exur’s safety pins detail!

Bow down to Steff’s creativity, DIY lang nman ang PEG sa wedge.

Went off to KFC for dinner, kiver sa dieta!

It’s not obvious that I love rings, I borrowed Exur’s tiger ring, I so want to steal it.


Time to eat! I had a bowl full of pasta.

After dinner, my friends and I decided to visit the night bazaar near to KFC.

Animal prints was all over the bazaar.

After a stroll at the bazaar, Janine and I decided to buy some midnight sweet treats at Krispy kreme.

Let me start a long blabbing explaining the catastrophic experience happened last Wednesday. A day for another fashion show held at our school’s premises. I never expected that everything will end up with just nothing. I designed a dress for LANDAMAN which anyways was entitled for the fashion show and to mention that fashion show was compulsory which means me including my co-fashion design classmates has to join. Of course I had all preparations settled for it, my design, the seamstress, my model, and money. Finally, my dress was done after all the bicker and fight with my seamstress, she did it. When the day came of the showcasing of designs, then also came bad karma. Morning, day of the show, I woke up late and failed my promise to woke up at 7:30 to meet up with my friend Diane for hair and make-up, well, she trusted me, which also a designer/model as well for the LANDAMAN fashion show. I called her and apologized, also planned somewhere wherein we can meet and go together to my place. We met at around 11:30 and arrived at around 12:30 at my place. I was already worried for the lack of time, since  I’m a very stubborn person, I still managed to do my nails in a very little time. So, at around 2:00 we just started to do hair and make-up, since I’m very perfectionist with make-up I realized I was just too slow and ended at 5:30, I never mentioned the show starts at 6:00. Events like this I always expect that everything starts one hour after to the said schedule. Of course, I can’t go out with out make-up, in a panic mode I did my hair and make-up in a rush and still wasn’t dress up at 5:50. We all left at around 6:00 and the long taxi waiting for 5 minuets, my friend Steff which was already at the venue called Diane where we were and said that the show starts in any minuet, I was thinking it was a joke, to push us to be there a lot faster. Then there I was in the front seat of the taxi anxiously waiting to be there at the venue PLUS the traffic darn it!!!! I was already very nervous and still thinking that the show starts without us, Diane on the other hand was waiting for Steff’s text that the show just ended, Diane already expected that we can’t make it but I was still hoping and was thinking positive all along. In the middle of the riot with the time, I still managed to look for my powder for retouching which I never leave without it and damn! I left it at home! While we were almost there, the guards was the most annoying ever!!! I called Steff to find out whether the show already started, and the minuet he spoke the show just ended and my heart felt like drowning!! After knowing the fact that the show already ended, we were all like do we have to go there!! Steff said we just need to go to our room to let them at least see our designs but still I was in pain thinking after all ended with just nothing. This really made me think that time is gold, we need to obey time and if not everything will end up with nothing.