Steff was my hairstylist that day aka my partner in everything.

Ikaw na talaga Steff!

My ever supportive friend/beauty queen/model, Janine, watch out as I transform her face.

At my back were my make-up artist competitors with their models as well.

PAK! sa mga transformation, siya na sa mga nose-line!

This was my friend’s masterpiece and her Andi Eigenmann lookalike model Sarena.

As a make-up artist, exposure and experience are the keys to success. I know there is more to learn but it’s better to learn the real deal with your competitors.Unfortunately, I didn’t got a place, it actually do hurt to lose but knowing it was my first time andknowing there is a lot out there and definitely that will be not the last make-up competition,but at least it was also fulfilling to hear a lot of complements of the bridal make-up I did whichanyways was the concept of the beauty category. Thanks a lot to mam Thelma Alino for giving methe chance to show my talent, I will definitely pursue my skill in make-up artistry.