WAGW leggings, Getti sheer lace overlay, Forever 21 wedges, Parisian clutch, Jewelries from Aizilym

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I’m back!!! School is back again on track! I have to say that I hate my schedules

for this semester and I know it’s my fault, I wish I could have been more hands on

with my schedules but I realize that I was just too lazy during the semestral break,

now I’m stuck with five hour vacant period and classes that ends at 7:30 in evening,

may God help me to get through this semester without dropping or failing any subject.

Anywho! As I’ve mentioned in my recent posts about my obsession

with laces, and sheer stuff. When I saw this sort of sheer blouse with lace detailing

that I used as an over-lay because I realized I got the wrong size and it wont button.

Finally, I’m over with my hunt for the perfect leopard leggings that has been in my checklists

for the longest time. Lastly, my newest purchase from Forever 21, these perfect black suade wedges

that I’am looking everywhere! If you haven’t seen my Forever 21 post see it here