Finally FOREVER 21 is in Cebu!

I was not surprised at all of how huge Forever 21 was, they said it’s the biggest in the Philippines in two floors.

A sneak peak of my outfit 🙂

I immediately went straight to the shoe section, I really want those chunky heeled leopard pumps

but it looked ugly on my feet when I fit it for some reasons, so I decided to went for something else.

The most crowded part of Forever 21 is no other than the accessory section.

The leopard fedora was just too cute!

Forever 21 make-up!!!

I visited Forever 21 on the third day from the opening and surprisingly

the lines on the cashier was not that bad at all.

My Forever 21 bag full of sunshine! and I shall return.

I always hear a lot of people complaining of having a branch here in Cebu but I’m totally

thankful otherwise. It was my first time seeing Forever 21 merchandise on person and from

what I expected they had pretty good decent options. I was just overwhelmed of the clothes

they carry and ended getting no clothes at all but I will definitely come by again soon.