Thanks! to my wonderful gay friends my first time watching QUEEN OF CEBU will never be the last.

It is a pageant for alternatives,  and by far the most prestigious gay pageant

I’ve seen in the Philippines, the pageant that was also organized

by noted fashion designers of Cebu such as Cary Santiago and Wendell Quisido.

Production number from the past winners of Queen 2010

The candidates with their National Costumes, amazing! isn’t it?

This was my favorite among the National Costumes,

the black and white just out-shined the other costumes.

Crowd’s favorite National Costume, they went crazy

when it was Miss Egypt’s turn to introduce.

at hindi basta basta ang mga nagging judges!

starting off with Miss Universe 1999 1st runner up Miriam Quiambao.

Ang Rayna ng mga bekky! Divine Lee in a stunning green fishtail gown

The ever gorgeous Angel Aquino in a adorable Cary Santiago dress.

The lovely ladies in their sexy swimwear and they have the right to be called ladies according to kuya Boy Abunda

The candidates in their Fun wears by Cebu’s renowned designers

at ang boongang Co-host Bianca Valerio.

Let me just say, you don’t know how funny she was during the show, and

she was the reason why that there were no dull moments during the show. Grabe!

Boy Abunda who interviewed the candidates, His questions were super The Buzz!

The ladies in their all pink gowns and Bianca Valerio

with her second Cary Santiago swarovski ensemble.

The past winners of Queen 2010, took their last walk and wave.

Miss Spain won the crown of Queen 2011, She was already my bet from the start,

she truly deserves the crown.

This was my ensemble during the pageant, I was trying to achieve the pageant’s

Japanese theme using floral prints versus my own twist but I think it turned out well.

A lot of my friends pushes me to join Queen 2012 but I don’t think that I’m ready physically and

I know I have the guts and confidence but who knows probably soon I’ll be the next Queen of Cebu.

Everything is possible and I’m proud that I’m a part of the LGBT community.