Old navy jacket, Second shop pants, Parisian bag, So fab shoes

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This is one of my not in the mood, lazy, go to outfit but yeah,

my mom and I went to the cemetery for halloween. I actually don’t want to go

but my mom wants someone to go with her, so I have no choice but to just go.

So I decided to wear something simple not to tacky, I had minimal accessories

because I was just too lazy to pick and also because I decided to

wear my new shoes from SO FAB, I don’t want to go over the top going to the cemetery.

 Speaking about my new shoes, I was eyeing this pair of booties

for the longest time and I actually wanted the black one,

too bad they don’t have it in my size anymore. I actually almost didn’t buy the booties

because I have way too many brown shoes and I need a closed toe black shoes so bad!

I kept thinking about it, and said to my self, you know what,

I just have to buy it!! whatever!!!! so I went back to SO FAB and bought the shoes

even though I don’t need it, that’s how bad I was.