French connection blouse, Second shop pants, Juicy couture bag, Janeo shoes

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This is not really an ideal outfit for fall, but I guess,

I was inspired by colors because colors for this fall is really on trend.

This outfit can be useful in countries that don’t have fall like here in the Philippines,

because of the fact that sun shines all year long, wearing color is not much of a deal from where I live.

Although sometimes we pretend that we have fall, but I think it’s

also suitable for countries that don’t get that much cold weather because sometimes

too much layering can be very uncomfortable in times of really humid weather,

and sometimes we have to be practical of the clothes we wear.  I wore everything from my recent trip

from the thrift store, and I guess clashing of prints is my signature style by now.

Anyways, I was overwhelmed to be featured in chictopia’s wall in streetstyle, it’s my first time

to be featured in a fashion website’s wall and I hope it won’t be the last.