Colon st. top, Levi beige shorts, Janeo shoes, Parisian bag

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I’m back!!! Finally!!! Seriously, this past few weeks were just the most

stressful ever because of finals, like there was even a time that I was about to give up

because of way too much plates to do. I had sleepless nights because of Fashion Illustration,

because if you know me I’m the greediest when it comes to sleeping, that I had to go to sleep

at exactly 10:00 PM and honestly, it was my first time sleeping at 3:00 in the morning.

After yesterday, it was like AT LAST!!!! I can finally sleep anytime I want and wake up at

1 PM because I had a lot of time to rest and de-stress, thanks to 1 month of SEMESTRAL BREAK.

I’m expecting to be hands on blogging again, and be in my laptop the whole day.