Photography: Matt aesthetics

Styling: Miki Gumia & Elyza Rose Lumayno

HMUA: Jr Traya

Models: Janine Calibara, Denika Tanedo, Ivy Gallur

I was really embarrassed that I arrived late in the shoot, sorry matt 🙂

I’m never be Miki Gumia when I’m not late, it’s been my trademark ,

and I know, all of my friends know that too.

But I know I need to work on that, especially when I already have an official job

because I can be fired because of that…

The shoot was really really fun, although we were struggling by the heat of the sun,

Still we were able to find a location that we desired. This time, I actually had no

issues with the clothes thanks to Eyza Rose Lumayno, I was able to pull shoes

for this particular shoot and some bits of pieces  that I wanted.

I was able to play with the clothes because there were more options

and clothes to choose from, I was purely inspired by the colors…

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to shiloh enterprise for allowing us

to have a photoshoot in their area, they were so kind to guide us in their

location and provide us water and vehicle to get us home,

and of course to matt aesthetics for these wonderful photos.

I’m actually still waiting for matt to upload the Print on print concept…