Isis floral short, thrifted tribal printed top, SM department store sandals and belt,

Vintage bag, Joelle necklace, DIY bracelet.

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Loving the comfort way of dressing, it’s just when it is

simpler I got to dress it up more through accessorizing and just

mix and match with much bolder prints and colors to make it more my twist.

These shorts that I got at ISIS is the most comfortable thing ever, some think

it’s a skirt but I think it’s the best of both worlds, although I need to be more

cautious with it because of it’s material, well, on my case it tends to stuck

on my underwear and I had to always pull it otherwise it will look very tacky.

I was able to go relax at the resort nearer to our residence yesterday

and thank God! my mom had thought of it at last because it’s very seldom that

my mom is on the mood to go to the beach or to the pool, and it was very tranquil

because there were lesser people which for me was an advantage.