148285_1248365706013_1735561420_439465_1047577_n by Chicstylista
Finally! from weeks and weeks of deciding whether I’m gonna move out from blogger…
and from days of finally deciding to start on again here in wordpress. I know it’s not easy to start
from scratch but this was just a decision that I have to make myself. I’ve committed myself to my
old blog for probably two years already and until now I remained loyal to it but because of some issues
that I had in blogger, I told myself, I really need to move out. Now I’m finally doing this first post officially
here in wordpress and yeah, I know I’m still trying to familiarize everything in wordpress because quite
frankly it is quite difficult compared to blogger, but at least, for probably four days I finally learned
how to maneuver it thanks to google, everything that is new in wordpress and everything that I don’t know
I search it over to google.
and please do change your bookmarks and always remember my new url above.
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But if you like to visit my old blog and look at some of my old posts and photos, you know, knowing me more…
You’re always welcome to do so, just go to http://thechicstylista.blogspot.com/
I hope you will continually support me as what you’ve given support to my old blog…